Probed in Oklahoma City

I’m in a new city. So I find myself needing to switch my OB in the middle of this pregnancy. This has not been an easy task!! You are automatically flagged as a difficult patient. They say they want your old patient records from your previous doctor for the quality of your care but really it’s to make sure your not fucking crazy.

The first “new” OB/Gyn visit in OKC my husband and I went together. We had our 2 yr old in tow which was probably a bad idea! She’s a very busy little girl! But we didn’t arrange a sitter and the hubs wanted to meet the new doc so there we were.

For the sake of not putting you to sleep I felt totally palpated by my new healthcare provider by the time my 2 hour appointment was complete. Because I was a new patient to this office I was swabbed, poked, and looked at from every angle. I’m a nurse so I understand most of this may be necessary. However, I felt like…”hey lady, could you make sure my baby is ok instead of making my annual breast exam the main priority today?”

Exhausted with a screaming toddler my slow as molasses appointment was finally coming to a close. Discussing a possible c-section date with my new OB posed the question of when would she be available to slice on me. “Oh no!” She says, ” I’m on spring break with my kids that week and we are out of town!”

Oh goody! Did I really endure this long ass appointment with this doctor to find she can’t deliver my baby? And the cherry on top her partner in the group doesn’t practice OB anymore only GYN. So there is no one to cover her OB practice from her own office. What the hell did we just do here today?

Learning from this experience that will be my first question to the next OB with whom I will soon be scheduling my next appointment. “Will you be available for a C-section in March?” My rule of thumb is always get pissed about the situation first then try to learn from it! 🙂

Today instead of a recipe I’m posting this awesome blog entry on “looking good while pregnant.” It’s a super cute guide on how to dress for each growing stage of pregnancy. Hope you enjoy!!



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