Shoot me.

A man in the elevator today asked if I was getting a “Christmas present” referring to my huge baby belly. “Nope nope” I reluctantly replied, “This one is not due until March.” Sigh….
Yep. He thinks I’m due next month. I guess I’m just THAT big!! That is somewhat depressing. Or…a lot depressing. Oh well.
If I quoted what people said to me for the rest of this pregnancy….well let’s just say I’m afraid to lose all my readers. Lol!!
On to bigger things! (No pun intended.)
My new goal is to walk everyday. I’m working full time right now and I’m pretty tired lugging this HUGE body around. I figure the least I can do and a great place to start is by taking a walk everyday. Followed by half a dozen snickers ice cream bars. JK!!!
Here’s my recipe to get the “skinny” motivational juices flowing. Although I don’t do no carb/low carb I love this tasty idea from Julia Child’s kitchen. If you constantly crave pizza like I do here is a leaner alternative….eggplant pizza. My big fat pregnant mouth is already watering! And the best part…you are sneaking in those veggies!


To all the pregnant moms out there…don’t give up! Keep fighting the fight of a healthier pregnancy…one day at a time.


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