What to eat when eating for two: Protein

Love this! So important. Very motivating for me to read. It’s easy to get in a boring routine with the same foods. Great info.

Baraka Birth

We are rarely counseled on diet and nutrition, whether pregnant or not. Partly this is a consequence of having very little face time with medical care providers–about 15 minutes on average according to one study–but also diet and nutrition counseling isn’t necessarily part of the care we receive from doctors or nurse practitioners. I’ve seen both medical doctors and alternative care providers, and what I didn’t learn from the doctors but did hear an earful about first from my herbalist, and then later from my own herbalism and midwifery studies, is that diet and nutrition are at the foundation of wellness (or as the old Hippocratic adage goes, “let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food”).

This is so incredibly important for pregnant women, from the preconception period all the way through breastfeeding. Once pregnant, a healthy diet protects mother and baby from a variety of risks…

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