The Snowball Effect


If you’ve ever been tortured by your mom calling and sharing in detail everything she ate that day followed by what she’s purchased for the week at whole foods this blog entry will be similar.

This is not new information, but I’ve noticed a significant decrease in my cravings for sweets if I’m getting enough daily protein. Now, if your a vegetarian I can’t help you. If you’ve been living the vegan or vegetarian life for a while you already know what to eat to boost your protein. Plus, you are probably waify and small already or as I like to say, “size Asian.” You don’t need help. But, for the rest of us who seem to gain the most weight in the first and second trimester of pregnancy it may be useful to start noticing your protein consumption.

If I grab a bagel for breakfast instead of my usual over medium eggs I’m more likely in the afternoon to be hungrier and it’s probable I will make a poor lunch choice. If I make a low protein lunch choice I’m starving by dinner. And assuredly, I will then make a crappy dinner choice. In my mind, I’ve been referring to this as the “protein snow ball effect”. One bad low protein choice leads to another bad food choice. If I can break the cycle something resets my appetite and I feel more satisfied after eating more protein. For example: I ate the raisin bagel for breakfast so I want pizza for lunch. But, instead I chose the chicken breast and veggies. The cravings for sweets have subsided and I feel back to norm. Now I’m more likely to choose a healthy dinner opposed to insatiably scarfing 12 gingerbread cookies.

If you are a man or just a regular non-pregnant person reading this and you are asking yourself, “why is she making this protein thing such a big deal?” All I know is when I’m alone inside this body I have no problem controlling my hunger or saying no to sweets. However, when pregnant I find myself in the checkout at Hobby Lobby fighting cravings for old fashioned cherry candies with the power of a thousand hell horses! The body you knew is gone. In its place are unfamiliar cravings, symptoms and bodily changes.

Think about what you like to eat. Make a list of your fav high protein foods and start from there. If the cafe at work sucks, then pack a lunch. If you don’t have access or you are too busy for a lunch perhaps packing a protein shake is a solution for you. Also, remember in those weak moments a chick-fil-A peppermint shake is not going to nourish your body and feed your growing baby like a protein packed nutritious meal would.

On a snowy day hot soup is delish! I love this loaded baked potato soup idea from skinny taste. It replaces some of the potato with cauliflower. I suggest using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream to up the protein factor. šŸ™‚



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